Uniqueness is not a choice. It’s what you and me already have. It’s in each and everyone. You’re unique. There weren’t and won’t be the same you. You’re the one, only one.
Being You, a real You is a choice. Wearing the mask is a choice. Why would you compromise those things? Don’t compromise. You have a choice. You have the time. You’re alive.
Change the way you think about things. The things you think about will change. Be different. Be unique. Stop pleasing anyone. You are You. No one can do it for you but you. Do it the way you want to do. The way you’ll be proud of looking back later.

You’re a creator. You’re a captain. Before you start to produce, start your journey, clear your mind. Let go unnecessary thoughts, give up what you don’t love (things you do, people you surrounded by, place you live and so on).

Focus on what’s important for you. You’ll get much higher returns later. It’s not selfishness. You choose yourself before you choose anyone. You choose to be the Sun before you can share the light. You choose to invest in yourself before you can give away what you know.

You choose the life full of experience, joy and fulfillment. Yes. You make a conscious decision towards your perfect life. The one you’ll proud to live and share. The one full of kindness, happiness and compassion. The one where you live as if you’d die today and study as if you’ll live forever. The life of your dreams.

It only takes one decision. One decision. Conscious decision. Decision to live. Live fully. Live purposefully. Live, not exist.

Decide. You have a choice. Everyday. You have a power. Create. Explore. Go on unbeaten path.