Don’t choose an easy option.
Choose the best one.
Don’t choose what’s convenient. 
Choose what matters. 
Even if it would be the toughest challenge.
Even if it would be the hardest road.
Even if you would have to sacrifice.
Do it.
You’ll face less competition.
You won’t see many people on the top.
It’s the bottom that overcrowded. 
Stairs are uncomfortable, but they make you stronger.
The pain makes you tougher.
You grow because of it.
Elevator can give you the leverage, but it won’t make you stronger.
Time will come when the elevator will break. There will be no leverage around.
That’s the time when your character will be tested.
That’s the time when you’ll see what you truly worth.
And if you’ve been preparing for that moment, you’ll pass that test.
Work for the best while being prepared for the worst. 
Rainy day will come inevitably.
When it will happen, you’ll have only what you’d practiced for before.
The experiences you had, the knowledge you acquired & the type of person you’d developed.
Keep investing in yourself, people & the world around you.
Remember : When you aren’t growing, you’re diying. 
Would you take stairs or elevator?