You either do or you don’t.

There’s no try.

If you decide to do, do it.

Go all the way.

All the way.

If you’re dedicated enough, if you’re hungry, if you have discipline and drive, you’ll find a way.

What if you can’t find a way?

Create it.

Your own way.

Unique one.

You may be alone.

You may face uncertainty, derision, isolation.

Failures, hardships, obstacles.

The obstacle is the way.

The way out.

To the world of peace.

A world of truth.

A life that worth living.

A life worth sharing.

Spend some time to decide what you truly want.

What gives you the fire inside.

What inspires you.

What makes you a human.

What makes you a true You.

Everyone has doubts about life.

Everyone doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

It’s scares people.

Despite it, they still wake up everyday and do what they ‘have to’.

What they told them to do.

I used ‘have to’ intentionally.

Not everyone makes conscious decision about his actions, how he spends his times, priorities, environment and the life itself.

It’s a big mistake.

A misunderstanding that everything will figure out it’s own way.

Sometimes it works, but in the long run, you’d better to rely on yourself than something external.

Rely on yourself.

Rely on your actions more than your words.

Rely on people’s behavior more than on other people’s thinking about them.

Rely on what you see more than what you hear and vice versa.


Things happen.

Life’s unpredictable.

Life’s a blessing.

Life is a gift.

You have only one chance to do what you’ve always dreamed about.

To make things happen.

To live your dreams, not your fears.

To have the courage to be the person now, who others will remember for later.

To live a legacy now.


Now or never.

There’s no tomorrow.

Only today.

This day.

This moment.

This precious moment that you’ve got.

Make the most of it.

Give it everything you’ve got.

Share your life.

Do a lot of things.

Create meaningful & useful things.


Be good to the people.

Be great to the environment.

Be true to everyone and everything.

Stay honest.

Be authentic self.

Don’t sell yourself short.

Always shoot for the top because it’s the bottom that overcrowded.

On the top you won’t face a lot of people, you won’t see a lot of competition.

What you’ll see is the people that are tough as you’re , the people who want more out of life, who sacrifice more, who put all what they got into making their dreams become a reality.

You’ll see a game changers.

People who see things differently.

People who create, who execute, who conquer.

Antifragile personalities.

The ones that are tougher than their circumstances.

The ones who create their realities.

Who push the human race forward.

Who make a difference.

Who lead, inspire and change.

Who’ll be remembered.

Don’t sell yourself short.

You’re human.

You can deal with everything what you’re having right now.

With problems, with people, with all life’s circumstances.

Deal with it.

As soon as you’ll deal with, as soon as you’ll do what’s required, you’ll push yourself forward.

Get one step closer to your dreams.

To the person you would like to be.

To greatness within you.

The sooner you’ll start, the sooner you’ll get there.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment, it’ll never be perfect.

You won’t wake up one day and feel as it’ll the right time.

Right time will never happen.

You’ve to create it.


Now or never.

Don’t wait until you’ll be ‘ready’.

Start before you’re ready.

Start with all what you’ve.

Start right now.

Start with uncertainty.

Start with belief.

Start small.

Take first step toward greatness.

Wake up early.

Take actions.




Focus on essentials.

Eliminate the rest.

You’ve thrown in ocean called Life.

You’re alone.

No one can help you or save you.

You can depend only on yourself.

You owe you life.

Survive or die.

Sink or swim.

Sinking, like an existence in the world full of Life, is a choice.

It’s not a destiny.

It’s what you’ve created with your actions.

What you did in the past that determined your today.

Living, truly living, takes a conscious decision toward the life full of growth, contribution, love and happiness.

Every moment of life, you choose to live or exist.

To live or fear.

To do or not to do.

This moment right here is all what you have.

Make a conscious decision to live.


One moment at a time.

Right here.

Right now.