We tend to make life complicated when it’s not. Life is simple. Life reward those who live in a simple way. You become calmer, stronger, better. You start to being more by living with less. You start to value quality over quantity. There’s nothing wrong with a quantity if it’s made with quality and it’s essential. I love the world ‘essential’. It’s your fundament. It’s what you and i always need.

More life, less death.

More growth, less destruction.

More freedom, less anxiety.

More focus, less multitasking.

More done, less procrastination.

Only the essentials. Everywhere. Every time.

We, humans, don’t need too much. If you read this, you probably have what you truly need. If you not, be sure to identify what it is that you truly(!) need. What’s essential to your existence? What’s essential to your living? The ultimate goal is not to exist. It’s to live. Few of us actually do live. To truly live, you need to be in present. To be in the present, you need to focus on NOW. To focus, you need eliminate unnecessary. Eliminate everything what’s hold you down. People, stuff, thoughts, all the distractions.

Let’s keep it simple(at least try to).

  • Focus on essentials

Declutter everything unnecessary from physical to mental stuff. Believe me, you can live great with less. Cut off everything that trying to keep you down, keep you in your comfort zone.

  • Always ask yourself: “Is there’s more efficient/productive/simpler/better way to do what I’m doing?”

Learn from people who done it before. Chances are, the problem that you’re facing right now was solved years, centuries before. Learn from the past. Don’t wait till you make mistakes to learn from them. Wise man learns from the experiences of others.

  • Keep a routine

It may be hard in the beginning. Let it be. Push through hardships, darkness and difficulties. Let the pain of change fuel you. Let it be your best friend. Once you establish your habits, they will become your second nature. Choose what’s hard, what’s really worth your time and stick to it. Habit will make it easier and pleasant.

  • Simplify

If you pay closer attention to your life, you’ll notice that most of the things you do is the habit. The fact is 90% of our actions is the habit. We usually eat the same food daily, go to the same places, spend out time with the same people, buy identical things, do routine work. I don’t mean there’s something wrong with routines. What I do mean is that you need to pay attention to everything what happens to you. Filter everything in your life. Simplify. If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change yourself. Once you change yourself, the things around you’ll change.

  • Live consciously

More knowledge does not equal more power. True power is understanding fundamental principles of what it is that you need to do and than build upon it. Step by step you get ahead. It’s the game of patience & discipline. By living consciously, noticing the life around you and being responsible for the things happening to you, you become a captain of your ship. You decide your destination.

  • Meditation & Solitude

Breathe. Breathe more. Even more. Seriously. Your brain & body needs oxygen. You need some time to be with a genius. To be with yourself. There greatness in you. Focus on your inner self, true self. Don’t let outside noise to dictate you rules of your game. You’re creator.

Communications is overrated. One hour of solitude gives you more than a week of conversations. Spend each day being in company with yourself. You’re your best friend. You can double outcome by spending time alone in the nature. Nature heals.

  • Exercise

Make every part of your body sweat. Move. Change. Be unpredictable. Go extra mile. Do one more rep. Learn a little more. Progress by 1% in every aspect of your life. Exercise yourself and your life.

  • Bye, TV.

Remember we mentioned distractions? This thing stays on top. TV, a.k.a. Zombie box. Don’t get me wrong, TV is not that bad if you use it wisely. Unfortunately, 95% (if not more) of programs there are trash. What you focus on, expands in your life. Do you really want to be surrounded by trash? I don’t think so. You have a choice. Choice what to see, what to read, what to listen to. Choose wisely, your time is limited.

  • Internet

Internet is amazing, if you use it correctly. You can learn so much, you can share so much. It’s a win-win for everyone who use it right. Wait, wait a minute. There’s has to be a balance, right? Like, “+” and “-“. When you enter the online world, you don’t only get access to ‘growth’ but ‘death’ too. Your growth is what makes you better, what challenges you to conquer yourself, Your death is what distracts you from becoming the best you. I find that the best option for me is to limit my daly online time. When you have specific time frame to spend online, you become more specific and selective. It could work for you too, try it.

  • What you put into is what you get

Question everything. The fact that you lived X way doesn’t mean that this is the right way of living. Is there’s a right way? I believe, there’s. Start from your health. It’s your biggest wealth. Not money, but health. Health and Happiness. It’s interesting how improvement in one area of your life leads to progress in others. Everything is connected.

  • Accept what you can’t change

If there’s a rainy day outside, just dress accordingly. We can’t change everything in our lives, we can do our best and believe that seed will grow. The more you plant seeds, the higher your chances.

  • What you own end up owning you.

There’s a price for everything. Even if you think you could get it free, you can’t. You always pay the price even if you confident that you don’t. ‘If you don’t pay for the product, you’re the product that being sold’. It’s true. It always was and it always will be. Here’s the point : everything in your life will take your energy, you need to focus on those things that give you more than they take.

Life is like a big store. There’s so much of everything. You can take what you want. Just remember, there’s always a checkout & you’ll pay for everything.

  • Do what you love

The thing you love doing is the ultimate life’s gift for you. It’s what keeps you alive. Gives you the energy, the power to endure and conquer. It’s the reason of you going the extra mile. Doing what you love makes you a real You.

  • Prioritize

Don’t you want going to bed realize that you pleased everyone’s wishes, except yours? Yes? No? Your answer isn’t enough. You have to (1)prioritize, (2)act on (1). Learn to say ’No’. Say it politely. Nobody can force you to do something unless you give up your power. Even if there’s a gun in front of you, you still have the choice. Your ability to make choices it’s one of the things that no one can take it from you unless you give it to them. Know your priorities.

  • Conquer yourself.

There’s no such a thing like a competition around you. You always compete with yourself. You are your friend and your enemy. Hell and Paradise are within you. Within your state of mind. Mind leads, body follows. Conquer yourself and than you may ‘conquer’ the world.

  • Take actions.

Knowledge is power? Only when you make the best of it. Only when you take actions. It’s your time. Act!


  • Learn foreign languages

It will make you smarter and your life will become much interesting and simpler. English isn’t my native language. I couldn’t be able to write this article if I didn’t take time to study English. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s OK as long as we keep learning. Don’t hide your knowledge, use it, share it. People & Practice will help you improve. Plus, by sharing, you’ll be happier.

  • Automate repeating processes.

  • Sharpen the Saw

Renew yourself. Continue to practicing and getting better. There’s no finish line.

  • Read.

I know you do. Read more.

  • Say ‘Thank you’ more.

Always be grateful.

  • Volunteer.

Do at least 1 good thing to the people/environment/Earth daily. Expect nothing in return.

  • Travel more.

You don’t need to have millions to travel. There’re always alternatives. You don’t even have to go abroad to travel. Adventure is always around you. Start from where you are. Explore, discover, go on unbeaten path.

  • Get up early.

Go to bed earlier, get up before sunrise.

  • Walk in the nature.

  • Digitize.

Scan photos, keep your writings/documents/etc. on your device.

  • Experiment/Challenge.

Some ideas :

*spend less than x$ a day challenge for a week;

*xThings challenge (declutter your unnecessary(!) possessions to X quantity);

*try new hobby (do what you’ve never done before if it doesn’t hurts you and environment).

  • Try Intermittent fasting

It’s perfectly OK to be hungry. You won’t die if you give up breakfast/dinner, etc. Your body needs rest. Your stomach needs rest. When you eat less, you become smarter of your eating preferences. The same principle applies to almost everything. By choosing less, you start to appreciate quality over quantity. As a result, you focus on eating healthier. You win.

  • Study Philosophy (especially Stoicism), Minimalism, Simple Lifestyle.

As a starting point, I’d suggest reading “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelius.

  • Become Vegan

Perfectly, become raw vegan. Yes, raw vegan. Research it, read about it, watch some documentaries. See the truth. Don’t be a victim of your habits and environment. Educate yourself. Don’t believe me, try it yourself. Learn about it. Study those topics. Take care of your health.

We, humans, do influence planet Earth by our day-to-day actions. Don’t cheat. You’re responsible. You vote with your decisions. Animals, like you and me, are living creatures. You can’t make excuses, it’s 21 century. You have everything you need. You can’t make excuses. Personally, I don’t think that I could be happy by fueling my body with someone’s pain. Animals are my friends. I don’t eat my friends. Sure, there’s always will be some sort of environmental violence. Like, unfortunately, we all do kill small creatures when we walk, etc. We all totally understand it.

‘Accept what you can’t change. Change what you can’.

There’s always room for improvement. We are able to move in the right direction once we define it. A way of love, compassion and happiness. You’re not alone on this journey. Find people who will help you, people who will bring the best out & in you, people who you love & love you.

  • Unplug

What would you do if technology wouldn’t be an option? What about ‘offline’ life? Nature? New hobbies? Adventure?

Value experiences over things. Go offline a hour a day, than a 3 hours. Progress to whatever point that you think is alright. Like, a day per week or half a week offline. Or even go offline & live of the grid for some time. You decide.

  • Enjoy the process

Celebrate your small wins. Our life is the sum of all small things we do day in and day out. Life becomes much pleasant once we appreciate everything what we receive. Even if it’s something bad, be grateful. If you use your circumstances right, pain will fuel you, make you tougher.

Have the courage to choose a different path. The one that you feel is right. You may be wrong, you may be right. Who knows? We’ll see in the future.

Even if you fail on your path, get up and keep going. The journey worth it.

I wish you a simple, happy life.

What a beautiful life!