What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Everything that you do, every tiny little step bring you closer to another life.

The question is, ‘are you aware of change you create by your actions?’

Nothing lasts forever.

Don’t tie your self worth to materialistic things. Day will  come, they will all fade away. The only thing will let from you is what was in your hearth.

You will live as long as you are remembered.

What are you want to be remembered for?

What the life you want to live?

What experiences you would love to have?

What skill or knowledge you would love to acquire?

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Don’t ever let other people to dictate your decisions. Have the courage to obey your own rules. Create your own destiny. Don’t sell yourself short.

You are powerful. You have greatness in you. Let yourself shine. Shine as bright as possible. And then break all those possible limits and shine more.

You are limitless. The only limits you have are the ones in your mind. Break them. Be fearless. Be limitless.

Embrace the pain. Embrace the struggle.

You are the one.

Make it happen. Push through the pain. Push through it.

Don’t give up.

We count on you.

Future count on you.

The universe is on your side.

Rise and shine.

And then shine more.

Let yourself light up the world.

Because the Sun is always within you.