There you go.

Be grateful

Say thank you. Express your feelings. Say people how you appreciate them. Don’t wait till it’s late. Do it now. Be grateful for everything what life gives you.

Drink water

Water is the most important part of your diet & health. Your body is consist of ~ 75% of water. Drink water a hour before you it. Drink water after you wake up. Replace all sugar water with pure water. Take care of your health.

Act what you talk.

Keep your promises. Do what you say. Be responsible for every single word that gets out of your mouth. Be punctual. People will respect you more.


Help people. Help animals. Help plants. Help the entire world. Help. Help. Help. Give forward. Don’t ask for anything. You’ll receive later. You’ll receive more. You become better and happier by giving.

Smile =)

You never know what your smile means to the person in a bad situation. Smile more. Don’t be afresh of looking weird. When you smile you share your positivity. Other people start smile to you. You & people around become happier.


Do what you love. Walk. Run. Push. Pull. Move! Your body and brain will thank you for this.

Do random acts of kindness.

Everyday. Don’t wait for anything to happen. If you someone would need a help, don’t wait till someone will help that person. Be that person. Ask if you could help. Help younger people. Help elder people. Help. It doesn’t matter if you get credit or not. If you do those things to get credit, you do it for yourself. Do it for others. Forget yourself. Be generous.

Be resourceful

Never stop learning. Never. Read. Listen. Ask. Find mentors. Join likeminded group of people. Inspire and be inspired.

Less is more

Declutter everything from unnecessary thing in your home to negative thought in your mind. Fall in love with less. Focus on essentials. Choose less. Less stress. Less negativity. Less anxiety. Once you do that, you’ll get more. More time. More happiness.


Enjoy life right NOW. There’re neither future nor past. Only this moment. Only now.

Don’t wait till you’ll achieve something. Happiness is a state of mind. You choose to be happy. Be.

Have a great day!