It’s sad how we, humans, sell ourselves short. Instead of expressing ourselves in unique way, we settle. We try to find something “to do with our time”. Why? Because it’s easier to fit in. Make a conscious decision to lead your own way.  Be a rebel.  Don’t fit in the system.

Any circumstance is a test of your endurance. If you cannot see the path that you would love to take, create your own. Do not make excuses. You have everything you need. If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way.

If you don’t make your own decisions, other people WILL make them for you. Those decisions may not be in your favor.  Do not let other people’s opinion to dictate your path. Have the courage, bravery and determination to say and show to the world what you believe in.

Other people will try to take you down, they will try to be little your ambition. It will be dark. It will be painful. It supposed to be that way.  Become the light and let yourself shine through the darkness. 

DO NOT let your dreams be dreams. DO NOT settle for the things you hate. DO NOT play a victim role. DO NOT wait till you will have x, y, z. DO NOT take anything for granted. It’s your life and it’s ending one moment at a time. You may not get that opportunity again.

Be bold. Be grateful. Be humble. Be human.

Think about contribution over profit. Think about giving instead of taking.  Think about environment, people and the beauty around us. Think about others more than you do about yourself.

Once you think that way, you don’t need any external motivation. You know your reasons, you know your ‘Why’. You realize that you can give, no matter what you have.  Desire to help others and improve our planet will skyrocket your improvement as well.

Don’t let financial rewards fool you.  Don’t let greed get in your way. Let morality and humility guide you.  Don’t wait.  Everything starts from your decisions and actions, no matter how small or insignificant they seem.