Death is the path we all share.

You know, the end is the same for every one.

Don’t you know that is coming?

Don’t you know there will be a day, when people close to you will get sick or die?

Don’t you know that there’s an end to everything?


Everyone faces it differently, but we all do.

‘Why you are so pessimistic? Why you think so much about the death?’

I am an optimist and I am a pessimist.

I am somebody and I am nobody.

I am everything and I am nothing.

I am not me.

I am you.

I am we.

I am everywhere and I am nowhere.

You are the universe.

I am the universe.

We are all one thing.

* * *

Never ending cycle.

Growth and Death.

You see, the moment you born, you are already moving toward the final destination.

Death is the most amazing creature of life.

Embrace it.

Embrace the death and let it fuel you.

Let the thought of having the finish line guide you toward living a meaningful life.

Think about your time.

How valuable it is.

How you spend it.

How you waste it.

How you would love to invest it.

Think about people you love.

Think about people you don’t love.


No matter how hard it is, forgive.

Let go.

You will fill better.

Do what’s right.

Love people. Love the environment. Love the world.





Lead by example.

* * *

Your heartbeat will reach only certain amount of beats.

Don’t waste any beat.

Everything that gives you the life is priceless.

Be grateful. Be content. Be generous.

Be human.