Whatever you do has to be aligned with your values.

What you do, how you do it. What you say, how you say it.
What you believe in and what you stand for.

Every little detail in you shows your values, what’s crucial to you.

If you lie all the time, stop. Stop & question yourself.

Why are you doing it? What’s the purpose of you doing it? What are the reasons?

Whatever your answers or excuses are, you can’t hide the truth.

If you need to lie to be where you are, to be who you think you are, you’re on the wrong path.

If you can’t be who you are, if you can’t express a real you, you’re lost.

I was there. You’re not alone. I’m here. I’m here to help you.

Don’t lose yourself. Get back. Back to who you are.

It’s never too late to be You.

It’s not a shame to be who you’re. It’s a blessing, it’s a gift.

It’s a shame to wear a mask every single day and exist in someone else’s shape.

The things about being authentic is this: it’s not about being mindful as much as having a habit of having integrity.

If you always say the truth, it’s easier for you to do that again and again.

It takes discipline. It takes you being a real you.

It’s a part of you. It’s who you are.

If you’re true to yourself, true to others, the world will reward you for this. It’s sounds simple. It is.

It’s simple, not easy.

Let it be. Be it painful or not. Be it pleasant or not.

Don’t try to please people sacrificing your real self. Don’t hide yourself, your truest self.

Be authentic.

Tell the truth. Show the truth. Fight for the truth.

Don’t stay still.

You’re a human. You’re powerful.

Be the source. Spread the truth.

Because the human in front of you is your reflection.

What you give is what you get. Only you get more than you give.

There’s no trust without honesty. There’s no respect without honesty. There’s no humility without honesty.

There’s nothing permanent without you being honest.

Especially, with yourself.

1st, figure out what’s inside. What needs to change.

May you need to give up something or someone. The things that hold you down, the people who want you stay the same.

Don’t ever stay the same.

Change. Change for the better.

Develop a new mindset, a new approach, a new habits of success.

Develop a new you.

Do it, whatever it takes. Do it. Do it now.

Do it immediately.

Take the 1st step, no matter how small it’s.

Invent yourself. Than reinvent yourself.

Tell me the truth, no matter how hard it will hurt me.

Tell me the truth.

Be painfully honest.