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Start from focusing most of your attention on the small things that spark a feeling of joy in you. Our life is a sum of those small thing. A happy life is a sum of tiny joyful moments.

Notice those things. Focus on them. The more you focus on the things that make you happy, the more optimistic you become.

It’s simple, not easy.


Be grateful for everyone and everything. For good or bad. For light and the dark. For pain and gain. Send your positive energy to the universe. You’ll feel better.


Move your body. It’s up to you what you’ll do. Even just walking has a great benefits. Don’t let your muscles atrophy. Exercise will make you more confident, more energetic and more happy.

Eat healthy

What you put in is what you get. Your eating preferences affect your energy and mood. Eat more veggies, greens and fruits. Cut off all junk food. Drink 3+ liters of water every(!) day. Endeavor to eat raw vegan food. Filter everything what you put into yourself. Your body will thank you for this.


Ok, you may not consider yourself ‘happy’ or ‘optimistic’. Are you? It’s up to you. Happiness is a state of mind. You don’t need anything(!) to be happy. It takes a simple decision to be happy. Be here. In this moment. Be happy. Now.


Sometimes in life things aren’t pleasant. That’s part of process. Process called life. ‘This too shall pass’.

Smile through pain. Smile through hard times. Smile through every circumstances on your way. Smile.

Your smile is a magnet to positivity. =)

Meet people

Embrace opportunities that you like. Don’t just say ‘yes’ because someone ask you to join. Don’t go to the places you don’t like. Don’t surround yourself with negative people. Never do that.

If negative people are still around you, minimize interactions with them. Even better, find new positive ‘circle’ of friends. Be super aware about people around you. Eventually, you’ll be the average of 5 people you spend your most time with.

We all humans

The person in front of you is the same human as you are. Often times, with the same wishes and desires. At the end of the day, we all want to be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. Be full of love and respect to other living creatures.


Write down the little things you notice about people. For example, the authors they like. Date of birthday. Their tinny hobbies. Be interested in people. You’ll become interesting too.


Give all your attention to that person. Do it as if it’s the only person on the planet. Make an eye contact. Listen. Ask follow-up questions. Be honest. Be interested in people.


Being socially active is a skill. Any skill requires practice to master. First times it will be super uncomfortable. You will have to get out of your comfort zone. Never wait for someone to be interested in you. You need to act first. The world owes you nothing. If you want something, act accordingly to get it.

Be honest

It must be #1 priority. Be authentic. Be the person others would be happy to be around. Be credible. Never break your promises. Think before you talk. Be honest and you don’t need to remember anything. You said only the truth.

Keep in touch

Friendship isn’t just a one-night party meeting. No. It’s a long process. It requires investment from both sides.

Be a great friend. Be the one that you would dream about. Call your friends. Text them. Express your feelings of love and gratitude. Invite them somewhere. Take care of them. Be around people you love.

Lastly, always spread love and happiness.

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There you go.

Be grateful

Say thank you. Express your feelings. Say people how you appreciate them. Don’t wait till it’s late. Do it now. Be grateful for everything what life gives you.

Drink water

Water is the most important part of your diet & health. Your body is consist of ~ 75% of water. Drink water a hour before you it. Drink water after you wake up. Replace all sugar water with pure water. Take care of your health.

Act what you talk.

Keep your promises. Do what you say. Be responsible for every single word that gets out of your mouth. Be punctual. People will respect you more.


Help people. Help animals. Help plants. Help the entire world. Help. Help. Help. Give forward. Don’t ask for anything. You’ll receive later. You’ll receive more. You become better and happier by giving.

Smile =)

You never know what your smile means to the person in a bad situation. Smile more. Don’t be afresh of looking weird. When you smile you share your positivity. Other people start smile to you. You & people around become happier.


Do what you love. Walk. Run. Push. Pull. Move! Your body and brain will thank you for this.

Do random acts of kindness.

Everyday. Don’t wait for anything to happen. If you someone would need a help, don’t wait till someone will help that person. Be that person. Ask if you could help. Help younger people. Help elder people. Help. It doesn’t matter if you get credit or not. If you do those things to get credit, you do it for yourself. Do it for others. Forget yourself. Be generous.

Be resourceful

Never stop learning. Never. Read. Listen. Ask. Find mentors. Join likeminded group of people. Inspire and be inspired.

Less is more

Declutter everything from unnecessary thing in your home to negative thought in your mind. Fall in love with less. Focus on essentials. Choose less. Less stress. Less negativity. Less anxiety. Once you do that, you’ll get more. More time. More happiness.


Enjoy life right NOW. There’re neither future nor past. Only this moment. Only now.

Don’t wait till you’ll achieve something. Happiness is a state of mind. You choose to be happy. Be.

Have a great day!

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Productive, not lazy.


Laziness isn’t always a bad thing. It can be productive. May your body needs rest. Seriously.


  • Sleep at least(!) 7 hours per day.

8 would be perfect. If you feel like you need more, trust your body. Sleep. Take naps during the day. You don’t have time? Go to bad earlier. Don’t underestimate the power of good sleep. It’s super important.

  • Early to bad, early to rise.

‘Makes man wealthy, healthy and wise’. Golden rule. You get so much done in the early in the morning. The best time of the day.

  • First things first.

Always know your priorities. Let them guide you. Follow them. Put your first thing first. No excuses.

  • Plan ahead.

Plans don’t work every time. Nevertheless, do it. Keep it simple.

You either plan your life or become a part of someone’s plan.

Don’t try to accomplish more than 2-3 big things per day. Prioritize. Keep your focus high.

  • Don’t multitask.

Focus on one thing a time. Other ways, you’ll kill your productivity. Give your full attention to 1 thing. Do it as if your life depends on it. It does.

  • Break task to the smallest possible actions.

Make it so small you can’t say ‘no’ to yourself.

  • Use Pomodoro technique.

You work on a task 25 minute, than rest 5. Repeat. Than more. Test it for yourself. Come up with best timing that works for you.

  • Reward yourself

You’re amazing! You did it! Now, reward yourself. No, don’t turn your TV on. Go for a walk. Read a book. Keep healthy way of living.

  • Improve yourself everyday.

Ask yourself every morning: “How can I grow today?” Answer. Take actions.

Do something that excites you. Get out of comfort zone. Be conscious about your decisions. Spend your time wisely.

  • Just Do It.

You’re powerful. Get rid of negative thoughts. Change your life’s direction.

Act. Create. Conquer.

Good luck, my friend.

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There’s nothing bad in questioning yourself. Especially asking why you are alive. That’s amazing.

We all want to know why we are here. Instead of stoping this process, keep going. Don’t live like a zombie.

You are a human. Your life matters. You matter. You never know what’s inside of you till you give it a shot.

To figure it out, you must question yourself. Experiment. Learn. Fail. Get back up. Practice. Master. Share.

To enjoy being alive, help people. Be valuable. If you do something, do it with love. Don’t expect anything in return.

Do great things. Give to people. What you give it not always as important as how you give it.

Say hello. Smile. Ask how people are doing. What is their problems. How you can help them.

I assure you, when you help people, you become happier. People start to love and respect you more. You deserve it. You give them love and now you receive it 100 times more.

Do things that excites you.

Ask yourself : ” Is this things excites me?” If answer is no, stop doing it. Unless someone life’s on the line, don’t do it.

If you don’t know what you love, write down what you think you might love. Write down your interests. Prioritize. Chose the most important and exciting things to you.

Ask yourself: “It I had to do this things for the rest of my life, would I do it?” If no, eliminate it from the list.

If yes, ask yourself : “What’s the tiniest thing I can do right now to move in this direction?”

For example, if being physically fit excites you, pause reading this answer. Do 1 squat and 1 push up. Just one. Exercise for a moment.

Do it now.

*Pause for a push up & squat*

Did you do it? Did you like it?

Yes? Repeat than.

Don’t ever stand still. Don’t stay neutral. You either grow or die. No compromises.

Experiment with thing that excites you. Try new things. Get out and find people with same interests. Together you can get done more. You can achieve more. You can give & help more.

If you stick with something, don’t worry. Move forward. If you failed, smile, learn the lesson and keep going.

Once you find what you will wanted to do for the rest of your life, give it all what you have got.

Stay humble, stay hungry, stay foolish.

Give it forward.

The world needs you.

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You can’t change the weather. Nobody can. What you can do is to dress accordingly. You can bring an umbrella with yourself. Or, like me, enjoy the drops of rain.

Same in life, we can’t manage all things. We don’t have to. Fortunately, there’re things we can change and keep track of. Those are the things worth our attention.

Be your own hero. Your CEO. Focus on now. This moment. Focus on what you can do. Not on what had happened to you.

Plant more seeds. The more you plant, the higher your chances to see the results. To see the tree of life.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

~ Charles R. Swindroll

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I do talk to myself. I enjoy it. I love it.

What am talking about?

I don’t know.

I ask. I learn. I do. I answer. Than I may know. Than I don’t know.

A new day. A new life. I start from 0.

What a wonderful thing!

Some of the questions that I ask myself daily:

  • Why I do what I do? Why [answer to previous question] ? Why [answer to previous question]?

The deeper you get with those type of questions, the tougher it gets and the more clarity it bring to you. It only works if you’re honest with yourself.

  • Is there a better way to do what I do?

Our time is limited. What’s the point of spending it doing something inefficiently & unimportant?

  • Is it bringing value to the world? If not, why I do this? If yes, how can I scale it to benefit even more people?

Contribute to society. Always be giving. Give and you will receive.

  • If I would be X person, how would I act in this situations?

Your visualization can create a miracles in your life. Use as often as you can. Just don’t forget to back it up with execution.

  • How can I grow today? What can I do to become better than I was yesterday?

Try to be better every single day. In every aspect of your life.

  • What one thing I can do today that will make the biggest difference (in my life/in x time period/in the world/etc.)?

Those are some of the questions I ask myself time to time.

There’s something more powerful. It works for me, it may work for you. I don’t know.

Try it and you’ll see.

Imagine yourself staying on your death’s bad. Looking back on your life. Think about the things that you did in the past (in our case, things that you do in the present).

Do you proud of doing those things? Is it really what you want? Would you do something differently? Do you regret some of your decisions?

WhyWhy did you do those things if you knew they’re wrong?

Why you weren’t listening to your inner voice?

Most of the times the answer will be related to fear. Fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, fear of getting out of comfort zone. Everyone has fears. Even those who say they don’t.

You choose the direction of your energy.

It’s up to you. You either do things because of fear or because of love. Fear or Love. You decide.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t regret anything. We all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect.

You fail. You get back up. You push forward.

Don’t make same mistake twice. Than you’ll be ok. Maybe.

By the way, there’s a gift for you.

Today you’ve been blessed. That’s your chance. An opportunity to change. To do things that matter. To spread love and happiness. To contribute to society.

Remember those days when you said to yourself : “Oh, if only I had been X right now, I would do things differently”?

Well, you’re X right now.

The future you are here. You came back.

You’re ready.

Today is your day.

Do. Create. Love.

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Three rules


Let’s keep it simple.

1. Interests = More Energy.

Find something what excites you. Something to be glad to wake up in the morning.

“What If I can’t ‘find’ it?”

Search more. Do more. Ask more. Try more. Learn more. Teach more.

This brings to next point.

2. Fall in love with less.

If you do it right, minimalism will pay off.

Basically, you eliminate all the things that unnecessary. Toss. Sell. Give away.

Once you declutter both physically and mental ‘things’, you have more time, energy, freedom.

If you’re persistent, you’ll find/create what you love.

Principles of minimalism are your best friend. They’ll help you. They’ll guide you.

You stick to essentials. You focus on what you love. There’s nothing else left. You’ve freed your way.


You put your time, energy, efforts into work. You work hard. Super hard.

You’ll fail. That’s okay. Only those won’t fail who don’t try anything.

Keep going. Keep the hustle. Keep believing. Keep getting better.

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everyone would do it. “

– Tom Hanks

Along the way, don’t forget to give back to the people. Don’t be so attached to material possessions.

Experiences will bring you happiness. They are only ‘things’ worth keeping.

No one can take them from you. They’re yours. Forever.

Good luck, my friend.

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If I had to pick 1 habit for the rest of my life, my choice would be:

The habit of becoming better by 1% in every aspect of life.

This habit is sum of every other great habits. You become better emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, professionally.


Every aspect of life has its own rules. Stick to them. Master them. Than re-master them. Just do it.

Just by sticking to this habit you will become the best version of yourself every single day.

As a bonus, I’d love to add another one to the list. A ‘secret’ of “success”. A key to it. The single existing short cut.

It’s perseverance.

It is a habit. It is a muscle. The more you practice it, the tougher you become.

He conquers who endures.


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You don’t need to except what society tell you is normal.

You have a choice. You’re a human.

You’re powerful.

There’re tons of advertising that want you to buy X and you will get Y. It may be true. You’ll get it while you’re using it. You’ll lose your weight and become ‘healthier’. Right after you’ll finish your ‘magical remedy’, you’ll get back to precious state of your body.


It’s simple : It has to be that way. Yes, you heard it right. That’s how lots of companies build things.

It like drinking a soda. You drink it, you feel great(maybe). You feel your stomach is full. You don’t need too drink anymore.

Time passes. You become angry. It has to be that way. Why? You chose it.

There’s a solution company X has for you. You know it. You get back and buy the same product.

It start over and over again.

Than you get sick. At some point your body can’t handle that much poison inside of you.

The only thing you need is to stop poisoning your body. Change it. We all know that. Few of us do.

It’s sad. I don’t want people die because of disinformation. Because of greedy people and companies.

We’re humans. We have to unite. We need to help each other. Live by each other’s happiness, not by each other misery. Spread love and happiness. There’s a room for everyone.

Stop killing yourself and the environment.

You have a choice. You decide to whom give the power. To greedy companies or hardworking honest farmers.

Even though, there’re less farmers that stay in the game (because of greedy companies), those farmers still exists. Because they love what they do.

By the way, when I mean choosing farmers, I don’t mean choosing animal products.

You will never fuel your body with someone’s pain.

Animals are our friends. I don’t eat my friends. I wish people do the same.

Don’t believe me. Try it yourself. Study all those topics. Educate yourself and people. Don’t let the things be as they are. You have the power. Don’t let anyone to take it from you.

Fruits, greens and veggies are your best friend.

Let me give you a mind blowing fact:

Doctors Are the Third Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. (Cause 250,000+ Deaths Every Year)

Now, do you think that your doctor is always right? Doctor is a human. You are a human. The main difference between him and you is knowledge and experience that he had. What if he/she had studied wrong things that other people want him to learn? I don’t mean that your doctor is a bad person. Neither you nor me will never know.

What we do know is that we can make mistakes. We my be wrong. We may pursue wrong things believing that it’s true. That’s why you have to question everything. You have to believe yourself and your body.

What may work for someone, doesn’t mean it will work for you. It doesn’t even means that it works for that person. How you can check that? By technology? Via people?

Be honest with yourself. Honest with people. Experiment. Listen to your body. Listen to that inner voice. Don’t ever let outside noise to overcome it. Never.

Don’t believe me. Don’t believe anyone. Don’t take anyone’s glasses to see the world. You have your own brilliant eyes. Open them widely. Study. Learn. Discover. Experiment.

Always seek the truth. Never compromise.

My personal story:

I was neither sick nor perfectly healthy. I was studying health issues out of pure curiosity. I read about those topics. I did not follow the ‘trends’ or the way ‘it has always be’. Usually, those are not the best options.

Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to reform.

– Mark Twain

I was sure there’re something out there. I’ve experimented.Challenged myself. In one day I’ve become vegetarian, a moment later – vegan. I didn’t want to companies. I did not want to harm animals. I was confident I made a right decision.

How in the world could it be possible to seek the highest human’s treats (love, happiness, altruism, etc.) when we kill another creatures?

You may think you don’t. You may say you don’t. “The ‘companies’ do.”

I have a question for you : “Why? Why do they do this cruel things?”

If you just once see what’s happening there, I doubt you will stay neutral.

Why do they do it?

People want them to do it. Period. People create a demand. Demand to kill animals. To terminate our planet.

For what?

To have ‘more energy’ in body? To show that humans are more powerful? To eat ‘yummy’ dishes? To nourish one’s ego?

Whatever the answer for that question would be, it’s wrong. It is wrong. Nothing can exonerate this.

If it’s okay to drink a milk, why than you don’t drink your mother’s milk? I’m sorry to say this. Is this a great example, isn’t it? Why? Because it not normal? Because the only time that you need to drink a milk is when you’re newborn? Really? Why than so many people still drink milk (not their mother’s)?

By the way, it ruins you. Yes, milk ruins you. It doesn’t give you the calcium that you may drink it for. It takes calcium from your bones. Don’t believe me. Research it yourself.

You give companies your money. They give you what you want.

Your choices have power. The dollar has the power. You vote with your decisions. You vote with your dollar.

Do you truly want to live in a place where there’re bad things happening and people except it as something normal?

I don’t. Millions people don’t. They show it with daily actions. Prove it. Help others to see what’s going on.

There’s one movie that I’d love you to see. It’s not a usual one where you see what ‘they’ want you to see, to make a decisions ‘they’ want you to make.

We had been brainwashed. Not without our permission. We are the only ones responsible for this. We can’t blame anyone.

This documentary gives you the truth. Shows you how things done out there. Lets you think. Doubt your actions. Your choices.

It called “Earthlings”(2005) by Shaun Monson.

Not everyone can watch it to the End. Some stop on the 10th minute. Another switch off in the middle and do what they always did. The other don’t give any attention to this super important issue.

There’re people who have the courage to see the truth. It hurts. You may hate yourself and others. It happens. You may become angry. You grow. You become conscious. You forgive. You act. You change things.

Let’s get back to story:

I’d eliminated all animal products from my ‘diet’. Yes, I didn’t eat anything that had been using from animal products.

One day, I did find something called ‘Raw(Living) Food diet’.

It looked so natural. You don’t cook anything. You just eat it as it it(just don’t forget clean it throughly).

I gave it a try. I loved it. I’ve seen the results. I’ve lost over 20kg+. I wasn’t overweight. My body was changing. It wanted to clean itself from all poisons. It still does. It always does. Our body is genius.

Don’t worry, I’ve gained back that 20+ kg. It different than what was before. I didn’t eat junk food or drink anything that contains neither sugar nor alcohol, etc. I don’t like junk food since I was born. Thank you, mom.

Just imagine. even if I did exercise up to 2 times a day, 7 days a week + eating what I thought would be healthy and provide me with energy, etc., I still’ve lost that much weight. I was like walking thin muscle man. Happy man.

Now, almost year after, I’ve seen great benefits. I’ve trusted my body and it helped me. No matter what we put in our body, it always wants to be clean.

Filter everything what you put into yourself. Everything. Don’ limit yourself only to the food.

Smash up your TV. Eliminate all distractions. Get rid of negative people in your life. You can’t change them unless they they want it. You don’t need to.

Change yourself. Be an example. Prove it with actions, not words.

I intentionally did not provide you with links(I’d add some of them in the end). If you truly want to freed your way, you need to search.

I may be wrong. You don’t need to listen to me. That’s okay. Listen to yourself. To your true self. Not the one that was ‘created’ by other people’s expectations.

It’s hard to break one’s barrier. To give up bad habits. To admit that “I was wrong.” To question things. To see differently.

The funny things is, unconsciously we all know how things should be.

Before you eat a fruit, do you cook it? In most cases, no. Let’s give an undoubtable example – watermelon. Nobody cooks it before eating. Or there’s someone doing it?

We don’t need that. It isn’t natural. Right?

The only living creature that cook his food is human.

“Wait, Rev, I do it to kill bacteria, to do X, to have Y, etc. I need animal products to have a proteins to gain muscles. Blah, blah, blah.”

Stop it.

You don’t need to kill any living creatures to become healthier, happier, stronger. Period.

Have you ever had a feeling when you know the truth and everyone ignores you because “it can’t be done that way/it’s impossible/you’re wrong/you’re crazy/ you don’t have X paper’ proof to say it”?

Hundreds and thousands of people eat Raw (Living) Foods and strict to healthy way of living. They had seen the result.

You don’t have to do that. I don’t have to. There’s nothing that pushes me to do that. I choose to live that way. I happy I do.

There’re a lot of researches, facts and, most importantly, real people’s proofs that this work. It’s natural. It’s enjoyable.

Bonus fact:

Gorilla, one of the strongest animals out there, do eat grass and fruits. You can call gorilla ‘vegan’. There are some exceptions. Gorilla sometimes eats ants. Only when (!) it can’t find a fruits and greens.

We live in the 21th century. You only couple minutes away from food store. Or even in your garden there’re tons of greens. Even grass is super healthy.

You can’t make excuses in this case. Yes, our ancestry ate animal products. Not because they were bad people. No. Because there wasn’t an option in the winter days.

We have the an option. The option is there 24/7/365.

Don’t believe me. Research it yourself. Think about it. Read about it. Ask about it. Experiment with it. Seek the truth.

In our world, there’re tons of problems that we, humans, created. We must to solve them. We need to provide future generations with a better life.

Why than I’ve focused that much on eating preferences? If there is something wrong with me? Maybe. Maybe not.

I do believe that our eating preferences, our consumeristic society is one of the main problems out there.

You don’t have to change in a hour like I did. You do what you think is right. We always do. If you think that killing some creature is right, you’ll vote for this.

Let me ask you:

“Do you love seeing people’s death? Do you experience the war’s losses? Do you know how it feels when you lost your loved ones?”

I know how it feels. It hurts.

Why than, we, humans, who advocate freedom and piece, continue to harm another creatures?

Do you think killing an animal is OK but killing a human is cruel?

I don’t see the difference. There’s no difference.

Do you think we can find a piece inside ourself while doing bad things? I don’t think so.

There’s a great quote I’d like to quote:

If there’s no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm

The piece in the world starts inside of you.

Millions and millions people starve each day. Do you know how it feels? When you want to eat but there’s nothing left. It is not something like starving for the health of body. It’s the battle between life and death.

Fact: It takes 7 kilograms of grain to produce just 1 kilogram of meat.

Now, imagine the 8 persons. They live in a different places. 7 are poor and ‘broke’ and one is rich. The rich is sitting in a restaurant. He’d ordered 1+ kilo of stake ‘medium well’. He waits for it. Tic-Tac-Tic-Tac. Bon appetite, senior! He eat this steak. Hi is full. He somehow regret eating ‘that much’.

On the other side of Earth, there 7 poor people who starve to the death. There’s nothing they can eat. There’s no grass. It was used to produce those kilograms of meat. Those people die of starvation.

It’s not just the story that I’ve imagined. It’s what’s happening everyday. Every single day.

“Some 18,000 children die every day because of hunger and malnutrition and 850 million people go to bed every night with empty stomachs, a “terrible indictment of the world in 2007,” the head of the U.N. food agency said.

I don’t have kids. I try to imagine how it feels to see how a child die because of hunger. No, I’m not a maniac. I want to feel that pain going through my body. To have a power to say no. To make the right decisions. To inspire others to do great things. To make our planet a better place.

If you’re a parent, you know how it feels when something bad happens with your child. Just imagine what those parent feels. You can stop those losses. Yes. You can.

You don’t have to switch to raw vegan diet right now. You don’t have to do nothing.

You choose. No one can force you.

You may change your preferences right now. You may change them gradually. You may stay still and be OK with bad things happening everywhere.

You may only get rid of animal product in your ‘diet’. You may switch fully to raw living foods.

It’s up to you.

If you have read this message. I’m grateful to you. It was a message. A message to you. A message to the world.

Make the right decisions. Make the right choice.

You always have the power.

Please, share this message. Say something. Do something. Change something. This message is yours. Do what you want. Just don’t stand still.

Thank you, my friend.


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  • General info :

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One Thing


I’m going to tell you a little secret, my friend.

Why some people get done things so quickly and efficiently while other struggle with them?

Everyone has his own answer. That’s almost ‘OK’ in our society to make excuses. It’s not what you want to do, right?

I’m grateful for all contributions to this question. There’re a lot of great advices and practical steps you can apply to your life.

In an age of distractions there’s one little yet powerful thing that so uncommonly used by humans.

Those who do use it, get things done and become the best at what they do(requires practice).

The secret is…FOCUS.

Wait, wait a moment.

There’s an additional ingredient to this.

That’s : One thing.

Start by figuring out your Most Important Thing(MIT) that you need to do.

To make your life easier, there’s a wonderful book that Gary Keller and Jay Papasan shared with us. Thank you for such a beautiful gift to the world.

If you’d like to dive deeper into this topic, this book is for you: The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.

Throughout the book there’s one fundamental question.

That One question that make a biggest difference in life.

Ask this question everyday, every time you’re think/going to do something and see the results.

Focusing Question” :

What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

Write it down. Review it everyday as much as you need to make it a part of your life and who you are.

When you ask that question, don’t forget to check yourself.

Is this thing is truly your MIT?

May there’s be another thing that could make biggest difference than you thought it would be?

Don’t give up until you find it.

Even when you do find It, just don’t ever give up.

The process

You figure out your MIT.

Than do that again.

Find MIT of your MIT’s.

Do this to the point where your MIT is so simple that you can’t say no to yourself or procrastinate.

It’s like applying the 80/20 rule (20% of actions give you 80% of result).

In either cases you have no limits.

You can find 20% that give you 80% results and do that again and again as with your MIT.

Applying both of this techniques will give you that 1% (or even less, it depends on how deep you’re going) that will make a biggest difference.

Before you get to the work, here’re a BONUS for you:

  • Make distractions = 0

No distractions = better results.

  • Use Pomodorro technique

Basically, you work in a chunks :

[25min work + 5min rest]

Experiment with it and you’ll find what type of timing works best for you.

  • Stick to essentials.

Minimalism will set you free.

  • Just do it.

You always have a choice.

Make the right one.

Choose your ONE THING.

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